About Us

TACO vs BURRITO started when Alex (age 7) proclaimed to his mom that he wanted to created a game and do a kickstarter! He had 4 different game names in mind (but no real concept of what the games would be).

A few days later he decide it would be called TACO vs BURRITO and that his business name would be HOT TACO! Adorable right? When prompted as to how the game would work, he said he didn’t know yet but was clear on the name and thought the other part would come later..

Our family love love loves card games and often buy a game for each day on a trip and decide which ones we like most.Check out our site for some of those videos...they are so funny. We particularly love Exploding Kittens, Bears vs Babies, Unstable unicorns, Skipbo, and Boss Monster but really we just love playing games. The main thing we love in a game is Strategy so Alex was very focused on ensuring his game was highly strategic.

I had done a Kickstarter before in 2015 for a product called GoodHangups and I was well aware of all the time and work that goes into a Kickstarter so I laid out all the things we would need to do to create a game and run a assumption was that he’d lose interest as he is 7 years old and it would be one of the many fun discussions we had. But Alex didn’t lose interest and each weekend he would spend time going through all the items on the list.

Once we came up with the concept for the game and got a prototype done on some cards, we game tested the crap out of it and each week made tweaks. Every Saturday and Sunday Alex would walk down to our local coffee shop, Cafe Bambino, and we would play a number of rounds of the current version of TACO vs BURRITO. Often coming up with things to make the gameplay more epic and even more strategic. Additionally, he would take the game to his After School program and play with tons of other kids and get feedback on things they liked and other things they’d like to see improved.

The result is this highly strategic, epic food fight that not only is awesome to play but had 5 different ways to play the same game. While it was developed by a 7-year-old it is not just for kids. We think you will love it or we are happy to refund your money!

HELP US BUILD THIS GAME We wanted to put this project on Kickstarter because it's the fastest way for us to get the game into your hands and make improvements as a community. We think this game is great, but we need your help making it even better. So, if you’d like fighting tacos and burritos, please back this project and help us build this game.

With love,

- Taco vs Burrito Team (Alex, Leslie, and Mark)